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Turkish Eye, ward off the Evil Eye

Surely, you have probably seen, on many occasions, a pendant or bead with an intense blue eye 🧿 . It is the Nazar, an old amulet, very popular in the Mediterranean countries. Would you like to know more about it? Do not stop reading! We will tell you about it!

Are you looking for a Nazar?

What is the Nazar?

The Nazar, also known as Nazar Boncuk, Turkish Eye or Evil Eye comes from Turkey, and it means “ornament against the Evil Eye.” It is an amulet used since ancient times to protect oneself against the Evil Eye and negative energies. It can be found in different colors, depending on the use you want to give it.

The original Nazar Boncuk is made of blue glass with a flat drop shape. It is composed of concentric circles that form an eye in the center to which the protective forces are attributed.

The Nazar has become very popular and spread throughout the world thanks to the tourists who take it as a souvenir from their travels. It is usually worn in pendants, bracelets, earrings or necklaces because popular belief says that if you wear a Nazar it will protect you against bad vibrations and all negativity.

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Origins and meaning of the Turkish eye

The Turkish eye has excellent reception in Mediterranean countries such as Greece, Israel, and especially Turkey. It was born as a result of the beliefs that the ancient Sumerian and Hittite civilizations had about the evil eye, as well as in Egypt and Babylon.

While all these ancient societies had a strong belief in the evil eye, they began to create their amulets to be able to combat this evil.

There are several opinions about the meaning of the Turkish eye; for example, it is said to be the navel of the goddess Cibeles or the eye of Medusa.

According to legend, the Anatolian region was invaded by the northern hordes with blue-eyed Warriors. After the invasión, the inhabitants of this region began to have them in their homes or wear them hanging from their necks to prevent those “strange people” from throwing any curse on them.

What do the colors of the Turkish Evil Eye mean?

What does it mean to break an Evil Eye?

If you have taken a Turkish Evil Eye or Nazar with you or had it at the entrance of your home or business and suddenly it breaks, do not try to fix or paste it and do not worry about your Evil Eye being broken. When a Turkish Eye is broken, it is because someone has tried to harm you, bestowing a spell on you or just someone has had a strong feeling of envy towards you.

Therefore, if you Evil Eye is broken, it is because it has fulfilled its mission, to protect you against malicious and envious people; it has protected you against the Evil Eye. Therefore, it is time to get a gift or buy another Turkish Evil Eye, so you are protected!

What is the Turkish Evil Eye used for?

According to tradition, our psychic strength can be transmitted through the eyes and project our bad feelings, since the eyes are the most expressive part of the body. To avoid this, the eyes-shaped amulets that reflected this power began to be used. The evil eye breaks the concentration of the person trying to put his harmful look upon us.

Therefore, the primary function o the Turkish Evil Eye is to protect us from the evil eye, envy, or hatred that one person may have for another.

At first, the Turkish Evil Eye or Nazar was only used when a baby was born. This amulet was placed to prevent them from being cursed.

This custom was widespread and was no longer used only with babies, but also by adults as a talismán in the forms of bracelets, pendants, earrings, or even tattoos on the skin to protect themselves from the evil eye.

It can also be used to hang it at the entrance of the house as a means of protecting our home.

The Turkish Evil Eye can be found associated with other amulets such as the hand of Fatima, elephants, horseshoes, or bracelets of red thread, all of them used are used to increase the power of the Nazar.

The Evil Eye in the Basilica of Hagia Sophia (Turkey, Istanbul)

If you are planning to travel to Istanbul we recommend that, among other monuments, visit the Basilica of Hagia Sophia, now a museum. It is a Byzantine Orthodox cathedral erected in the fourth century that has welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors throughout the history of humankind and has witnessed numerous events. Apart from the beautiful works of art that this museum houses, you should also keep an eye on the enormous columns that support the beautiful domes. In the room of the inner nave, you will that people swirl around a column that has en Evil Eye embedded. Tradition says that if you rub your hand around this figure you will avoid the evil eye and bring good luck to your life. This is one of the most attractive places of interest in Istanbul, so do not hesitate and visit Istanbul!

What is an Evil Eye made of?

The art of making Nazar or Turkish Evil Eyes is a tradition that has been passed from parents to children. The Turkish master craftsmen traditionally manufacture these amulets giving shape and color to the glass in the same way that was done in ancient times.

The materials used in the elaboration of an original Evil Eye are molten glass, copper, iron, salt, and water.

Currently, in the market, we can find a multitude of Evil Eyes produced industrially, but the believers of the power of the Nazar prefer one made by a Turkish master craftsman.

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