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Evil Eye Earrings

Would you like to give a gift to someone special to you? Gold or silver earrings with an Evil Eye is an exquisite jewel that highlights the beauty of women. The Nazar earrings will be a gift that will protect the person to use them even if they do not know their true meaning. .

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Gold and silver earrings with the Evil Eye

There is a wide variety of earrings designs with the Evil Eye, made with an infinity of materials, although he most recommended are in silver and gold. While gold and silver are the most commonly used precious metals to make jewelry pieces, it should be emphasized that these metals increase the properties of the Nazar amulet. Gold and silver earrings with the Evil Eye function as a protective element against the negative influence of envy or the evil eye. Without a doubt, this is one of the ideal gifts to channel positive energies and generate an aura of protection and well-being to those who wear the earrings with the Evil Eye in gold or silver.

Meaning of the earrings with the Evil Eye

pendientes ojo turco

Meaning of the earrings with the Evil Eye

The earrings have ornamented both women and men since ancient times: the first signs of the existence of earrings date from the Bronze Age and its use has spread throughout numerous civilizations. It should be mentioned that the first civilizations used slopes of various materials and were a symbol of power and wealth. An example of this is found in the hieroglyphs of Ancient Egypt, where male figures and especially pharaohs wore earrings. As for the female figure, it is necessary to point out that the first observations of African tribes already pointed to the use of earrings among women as a symbol of feminity and as protection against evil. Every day we live exposed to the influence of multiple energies, both positive and negative, that is why some believers need to wear some protecting amulet. Undoubtedly, the earrings with the Evil Eye are not only a precious complement that enhances the beauty of those who use them, but they are the perfect amulet to protect against envy and the evil eye.

Why give some Evil Eye earrings?

If you are thinking of making an original detail and full of meaning to someone very special, it is time that you know the Turkish eye earrings that we present here. Because it is not only a significant detail, but it is also a popular amulet and the design of these Evil Eye earrings provide an elegant and sophisticated style, depending on the materials from which they are made.


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