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Evil Eye Keychains

llavero ojo turco

Would you like to carry a Nazar in your bag or in your jeans’ pocket? It is as simple as putting your house keys on a Nazar keychain. It can be the ideal gift for those who need to feel protected against the evil eye and want to wear their blue amulet discreetly.

Do you want to buy Evil Eye keychains on sale to protect your home?

The keychains with the Evil Eye that we present here are designed for those who enjoy symbolic objects and collectibles. Moreover, with these Nazar keychains, you will always have a protective amulet with you. The Evil Eye amulet is considered effective in protecting against envy and bad energies, also for the evil eye. Therefore, we recommend that your keychain with the Turkish Evil Eye is always in sight. The Nazar amulet can also be found alongside other amulets, such as the hamsa or the elephant with the trunk facing up. Therefore, here we show you a wide selection of elegant keychains with the Nazar, with modern and sophisticated designs where the common element is the Turkish Evil Eye that serves as protection. 

Why wearing a keychain with the Nazar?

One of the most common ways to always have the Evil Eye amulet on hand is in the form of a keychain. The keychains with the Nazar allow you to always wear an amulet of protection against envy and the evil eye and, in addition, the protection of the space that opens and closes with the keychain.

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