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The Hamsa with the Nazar

mano fatima ojo turco

Another famous protective amulet against the evil eye is the hamsa, which symbolizes the protective and wise hand of God. It is very common to find amulets that combine the Turkish Evil Eye and the hamsa. Since the protection against the evil eye and the protection against misfortune and fear are added, this amulet symbolizes great protection against misfortune and fear.

Hamsa with gold and silver Evil Eye

Gold is a precious metal that symbolizes prosperity and has divine character. Therefore, we can affirm, without a doubt, that buying a gold bracelet with the hamsa and the Evil Eye will multiply the properties of divine protection against negative energies, envy and the evil eye, If you are looking for a perfect gift which not only protects but also has a high symbolic value and very positive properties, you are at the right site. Do not hesitate and choose one of the gold bracelets jewelry pieces with the hamsa and the Evil Eye that we present here and you will guarantee the protection of whoever wears it.  

Meaning of the hamsa with the Evil Eye

The hamsa is a hand-shaped amulet with symmetric fingers, which is very popular in Asia and North Africa. It is an amulet shared by three great religions: the Jewish, the Christian and the Muslin. The hamsa can have different meanings depending on the position in which it is. While it is true that we can find the hamsa in combination with other symbols, such as the Star of David, the most popular combination is the hamsa together with the Nazar. The combination of both amulets is most effective since the properties of the hamsa with the Turkish Evil Eye complement each other perfectly.

Meaning of the hamsa according to its position

The hamsa can have different meanings depending on whether its position is up or down. Mainly, the hamsa is used to protect from the evil eye. If the hamsa is up (its original position) it will mean blessing, power and strength. On the contrary, if the hamsa is down, it will attract luck, love and patience.

Why buying the hamsa with the Evil Eye?

 While it is true that the hamsa is usually placed at the entrance of the houses to protect and attract good luck to the home, here we present a selection of bracelets with the hamsa and the Turkish Evil Eye so that you are always protected. The bracelets of the hamsa with the Evil Eye are the perfect gift for that person to whom you wish to transmit protection against bad energies, good luck and strength.  

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