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Wall Hanging and Evil Eye Decorations

Is it an amulet or a decorative element? In Greece, Turkey and other Mediterranean countries, it is very common t see a Nazar hanging on the wall at the entrance of the house or in businesses. This custom has been extended thanks to tourists travelling around these countries who liked their beauty and bought these amulets as a souvenir of their trip.

Wall Hanging Evil Eye Sales

Evil Eye to protect your home

It is very common top ut the Evil Eye (or Nazar) at the entrance of homes, in view of who enters. Thus, the Evil Eye will channel the bad energy that is directly or indirectly brought from the street protecting those who inhabit the house from envy and the evil eye. Thus, the Nazar acts as an effective amulet that returns the gaze to those who have negative thoughts of the resident of the house, thus channelling bad ideas.

Ojo turco  Colgante en la terraza de una casa
Evil Eye hanging on the terrace of a house

Evil Eye Decorations

We can have a Turkish Evil Eye in any of the rooms of our home in which we believe that someone who visits us can cause us a problem with his malicious gaze. Moreover, the Nazar is considered a beautiful decorative element for their striking colors. We can find them in multiple ways, such as cushions, tapestries, paintings, carpets, or even blankets. All of them in the color blue, and with the protective eye as a common element in its design.

Edredón decorado con ojo turco
Evil Eye as a decorative and protective element at home

Sales of objects decorated with the Nazar

Nazar used to protect the office or your business

We can also use the Evil Eye amulets in business entrances, thus protecting it from any envy or negative desire. In short, the Nazar is essential for those who wish to protect the home and business from bad energies, channelling the negative energies seeking an aura of protection and good vibes.

Ojo turco como elemento decorativo y protector en la oficina
Evil Eye as a decorative and protective element in the office

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